Strategic Real Estate. Applied Technology. Tailored Service. Creativity. Flexibility.

These fundamentals reflect everything we provide at Phoenix Logistics. Most logistic competitors work to win 3PL contracts, and then attempt to secure the real estate to support it. As an affiliate of industrial real estate firm Phoenix Investors, Phoenix Logistics quickly secures real estate solutions across a portfolio of 76 million square feet or leverages its market and financial strength to quickly source and acquire real estate to meet our clients’ needs. At Phoenix Logistics, we provide specialized support in locating and attaining the correct logistics solutions for every client we serve.

Phoenix Logistics | Strategic Real Estate. Applied Technology. Tailored Service.


Facility cost and location can have a significant effect on your logistics budget. At Phoenix, we are experts in capitalizing on renovating and repurposing properties near key transportation lanes, allowing us to provide space at very competitive rates throughout most US markets.

Phoenix Logistics | Strategic Real Estate. Applied Technology. Tailored Service.


A key factor in an efficient and cost-effective distribution network is a flexible 3PL partner with experienced staff, state of the art logistics technology and access to strategically located real estate. Phoenix has assembled a team of professionals with years of supply chain experience and the skill to utilize state of the art warehouse management systems (WMS) to increase labor efficiency, eliminate waste and reduce your cost.

Phoenix Logistics | Strategic Real Estate. Applied Technology. Tailored Service.


Phoenix Logistics will take on the transportation coordination responsibilities as your lead logistics provider (LLP) to facilitate all of your transportation requirements to and from our facility. By working with our carrier partners, we can provide some of the most competitive rates available in the industry.

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Phoenix Logistics provides services to a number of industries, including:

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I have found mutual trust is the foundation for efficient and productive 3PL operations. The Phoenix team gets the importance of integrity and transparency. I count on that.

Supply Chain Specialist


Transforming distressed properties & breathing new life into communities that are in need of positive change is an admirable business strategy.

Logistics Procurement


Phoenix Logistics provided a clear price proposal for the space and services I was looking for. They listened to by challenges and provided practical solutions at competitive rates.

Director of Logistics


I like to get a response to my communications within minutes. Phoenix understood my need for reliable answers in a short amount of time …. and they delivered.

Project Manager