Phoenix Logistics

By utilizing our strategic real estate space, coupled with our state of the art WMS and drive for customer satisfaction, Phoenix Logistics will continue to create value within our customers’ supply chain.

Phoenix Logistics entered the 3PL warehouse and distribution space in 2017 as an affiliate of the well-established commercial real estate firm, Phoenix Investors of Milwaukee, WI. Phoenix Investors, established in 1994, has developed an expertise in acquiring and revitalizing underappreciated and distressed properties, with holding interest in approximately 29 million square feet across 23 states. Phoenix Logistics has coupled an aggressive investment into WMS and related technologies with the competitive space cost rates offered by Phoenix Investors to provide unique value to its client’s supply chain needs.

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For Immediate Release

August 23 | 2021 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
January 1 | 2020 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
October 25 | 2018 – Herrin, Illinois
January 3 | 2018 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
December, 30 | 2019 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
January, 13 | 2020 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin


All Phoenix Logistics providers factor two primary cost drivers into their pricing model: facility costs and labor costs. At Phoenix Investors, we are experts in capitalizing on renovating distressed properties, allowing us to provide space at very competitive rates throughout most US markets.

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A key factor for an efficient DC is an excellent Warehouse Management System. Phoenix has assembled a team of professionals with supply chain experience to utilize state of the art warehouse management systems to increase efficiency, eliminate waste and reduce your cost.

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Phoenix will take on the responsibilities of your Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) to facilitate all of your transportation requirements to and from our facility. By working with our carrier partners, we can provide some of the most competitive rates available in the industry.

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