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Solar tracker supplier Array Technologies partners with new logistics company

Solar tracker supplier Array Technologies partners with new logistics company

As reported on the Solar Builder Mag

Phoenix Logistics, an affiliate of national private commercial real estate firm Phoenix Investors headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., announced a new multi-state contract with Array Technologies. Phoenix Logistics will provide logistics services to Array for approximately 1 million square feet in Coffeyville, Kansas; Mayville, Wisconsin; and Hooks, Texas.

Array is an established leader in the solar tracking world. Over its 30+ year company history, Array has expanded to become a global provider of time-proven solar tracking solutions. The contract with Phoenix Logistics will allow for the distribution of its single-axis solar tracking equipment and is expected to generate many new jobs across the 3 sites.

“As the global market for utility-scale tracked solar expands, so too does Array,” said Stuart Bolland, Array’s chief operations officer. “Partnering with Phoenix Logistics ensures that we will continue to provide world-class warehousing services to support our customers’ project storage requirements.”

Phoenix Logistics has assembled a team of professionals with years of supply chain experience, alongside state-of-the-art warehouse management systems (WMS), which increases labor efficiency, eliminates waste, and reduces costs.

“Phoenix Logistics is excited for the opportunity to support Array and the solar energy industry. The project aligns well with the commitment Phoenix Logistics has made to the environment and to bringing opportunities and jobs to underserved communities,” said Robert Kriewaldt, Phoenix Logistics’ Senior Vice President.

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