Phoenix Logistics, a third-party logistics company. We provide logistical support solutions to increase business efficiency, profitability, and drive growth.
Logistical support covers a wide variety of disciplines, from warehouse management to freight brokerage. Phoenix Logistics provides support in locating and attaining the correct logistics solutions based on each business's individual needs and requirements.

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Freight brokerage and other logistics solutions

Most large-scale businesses will at one point or another require freight and shipping services. Freight service covers everything from transporting raw materials from their point of origin to their refinery destination, to transportation of finished goods to their final point of sale, to transporting goods between your facilities and their associated warehouses. Acquiring the services of a professional carrier is essential to ensuring these supply chains function properly, choosing the right one can be a difficult process. There are hundreds of carriers in the United States alone. Finding a carrier that serves your geographical range and meets your labor and license requirements can take months. Once a carrier has been located the process of negotiating for their services can be even more time consuming. Phoenix Logistics saves your business valuable time by providing you with a team of expert freight brokers with years of experience and deep insight into the shipping industry. Our brokers can locate and acquire carriers who fit your unique needs and adhere to state and federal regulations.


Every business requires something different from their potential carriers, from specific transportation licenses to labor practices.


Choosing the correct freight and shipping service for your business can mean the difference between success or failure.


Our freight brokers can locate a carrier who meets your requirements and serves your business's geographical range.


Once a carrier has been located, we can negotiate a contract for services that is preferable to your business.

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