Phoenix Logistics, a third-party logistics company. We provide logistical support solutions to increase business efficiency, profitability, and drive growth.
Logistical support covers a wide variety of disciplines, from warehouse management to freight brokerage. Phoenix Logistics provides support in locating and attaining the correct logistics solutions based on each business's individual needs and requirements.

Phoenix Logistics

Strategic Real Estate. Applied Technology. Tailored Service.

Phoenix Logistics is uniquely positioned to help you with all of your supply chain needs including warehousing, distribution, and transportation. As an affiliate of the real estate firm, Phoenix Investors of Milwaukee, WI, Phoenix Logistics has access to a portfolio of approximately 29 million square feet of warehouse and industrial property across 23 states. Phoenix Logistics has coupled an aggressive investment in WMS and related technologies with competitively priced space offered by Phoenix Investors to provide unique value to its client’s supply chain needs.

Real Estate

Facility cost and location can have a significant effect on your logistics budget. At Phoenix, we are experts in capitalizing on renovating and repurposing properties near key transportation lanes, allowing us to provide space at very competitive rates throughout most US markets.

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Distribution Services

A key factor in an efficient and cost-effective distribution network is a flexible 3PL partner with experienced staff, state of the art logistics technology and access to strategically located real estate. Phoenix has assembled a team of professionals with years of supply chain experience and the skill to utilize state of the art warehouse management systems (WMS) to increase labor efficiency, eliminate waste and reduce your cost.

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Transportation Management

Phoenix Logistics will take on the transportation coordination responsibilities as your lead logistics provider (LLP) to facilitate all of your transportation requirements to and from our facility. By working with our carrier partners, we can provide some of the most competitive rates available in the industry.

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Does your business require logistical support? See what Phoenix Logistics can do for you.

Experienced Personnel

The Phoenix Logistics staff has in-depth experience in supply chain management and design.


One of the final stages in any business agreement is negotiation. Our team contains experts in leveraging your business profile for your benefit.

Comprehensive Logistics

We provide services for attaining the correct logistics solutions based on your business’s unique needs.

Distribution & Fulfillment Management

Phoenix Logistics are your distribution partners and have the experience to handle your distribution and fulfillment requirements.

Wide-Ranging Support

Our reach extends all across the United States, allowing us to connect clients with the right contractors no matter where they are located.

Economical Rates

Our experience and industry contacts give us the ability to provide excellent rates for exceptional logistics services.


Phoenix Logistics provides services to a number of industries, including:










Let us show you what Value Creation looks like when coupled with the right Opportunity and a passion for exceptional Execution.

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